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April, 2012

Sean O'Driscoll - Irish Rovers.
"Hi Doug, The BanjoMate Thinline Armrest is the best I have ever seen or used. It works perfect and I have tried a lot of them. As you can adjust the height you can position it perfectly. Just finished a tenor banjo recording that I will send on to you. Glad to be home after the tour and thanks a million for your wonderful product. What a brilliant design. All the best for now."  Sean O'Driscoll


April, 2012

"What I like most about this bow accessory is its practicality and light weight. This kind of aid is great for those who struggle with tension issues in the bow hand. I think it is always good to have a BowMate at hand as a reminder of a relaxed bow-hold. It is amazing how even the thought of it can help you expunge tension in your bow arm!"  Nora Rossi - Argentina, South America


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