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BowMate Bow Hold

"What I like most about this bow accessory is its practicality and light weight. This kind of aid is great for those who struggle with tension issues in the bow hand. I think it is always good to have a BowMate at hand as a reminder of a relaxed bow-hold. It is amazing how even the thought of it can help you expunge tension in your bow arm!"  Nora Rossi - Argentina, South America

"Hi Doug, Just wanted to let you know how much the BowMate that you sent is helping my bow hold.
I'm a 62-year-old violinist with arthritis and anything that makes playing more comfortable is a blessing. I will pass the word of your creative concept for a more comfortable bow hold. My thanks to you." Sincerely - Charlotte, MN. USA

"All I did was place it on my bow as you suggested in this e-mail and right away there was a noticeable improvement on my wrist action. I actually have a very loose wrist now and I don't feel as tho I'm going to drop the bow. My husband even noticed my wrist while I was playing. When shuffle bowing I can get a good snap in the wrist as well. It also helps in keeping the bow straight across the strings and angled as I like it. It's very comfortable, and I hardly know it's even there. Makes me want to practice for long periods of time again. I will be ordering 2 additional bowmates." Denise - PA. USA

"Dear Doug, I like the increased comfort I get from the device, especially since my right arm was injured so you have done a very good thing. (Lou is a WWII veteran with 101st and 82nd Airborne Division
, a retired professor, University of Michigan, a 40 year Violist with Ann Arbor Symphony and performed with Veteran Administration Symphony with tours in Europe, Spain & Portugal.)

Good luck in your endeavors, and thanks again for your kindness.

Lou Orlin - Ann Arbor, MI. USA

"Both of my sons have found it to be helpful! Positioning of the first finger did poise the other fingers nicely which was not what I expected. One worries so much about the pinky finger placement and less about the first finger. I can hear in their playing that it promotes a beautiful tone through parallel-to-the-bridge drawing of the bow across the strings. Many thanks to the BowMate." Mari Sato, 2nd violinist of the Cavani String Quartet

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