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BanjoMate Thinline Armrest


Doug, I just thought I would let you know that the armrest arrived tonight in perfect condition. It's a beautiful piece of wood, and the clear instructions made set up a breeze. It fits on my Deering Saratoga Star just
like it was custom made for it. I really like the design: the way it keeps the top of the head unobstructed, and the way
that the mounting pins flip over out of the way. Since I just put it on, the added height of the armrest will take a little getting used to. But, clearly, a lot of thought has
gone into the design and manufacture of this armrest. I'm really glad I've got one on my banjo! After thinking about the shipping time, I think I remember reading (on your website) a shipping estimate of 10 to 20
days for international shipments. So, actually, the product arrived well under the outside limit - about 16 days, give or
take. Thanks for your friendly support.
Please use any of my comments for my "feedback" on the armrest. Randall Cotten
Bluegrass Ramble Band


I purchased four of the Thinline armrests from Little Mountain Music to take advantage of their 2 for 1 sale and have to say I'm very impressed with the looks and design of them. I put one on my Gold Tone BC 350+ to replace the Hot Dog armrest that was on it. It looks great and is very comfortable. Little Mountain has great customer service and they will take care of you. Give Doug a call. He's a great guy to chat with. That 2 for 1 sale is a smokin deal. Paul- Sterling Heights, MI


Doug, I love the Thinline Armrest!. It's so comfortable and I prefer it to the old metal ones I used to have. They never get too hot or too cold and they look great. I'm converting all of my banjos to these armrests and recommend them highly!"                                         Cathy Fink - Two-Time Grammy® Award Winners, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer


"Just put this armrest on my new Bart Reiter. Simple and sturdy design. Machined to close tolerances with high quality materials. Easy to install and to adjust. VERY handsome, and very comfortable. Thanks for making an excellent product!"
Tim - Portsmouth, VA. USA


"Hi Doug, I receivd my curly black walnut BanjoMate Thinline Armrest yesterday and love it. I bought it to install on my custom walnut Chuck Lee Ovilla banjo. I was nervous about installing it, as that banjo means the world to me.I worried that I might mess something up. Turns out there was no need to be nervous as it couldn't have been easier to install.
The walnut compliments my banjo nicely and it's very comfortable on my arm while playing."
Thanks, Cheryl - Hollister, CA. USA


Sean O'Driscoll - Irish Rovers.
"Hi Doug, The BanjoMate Thinline Armrest is the best I have ever seen or used. It works perfect and I have tried a lot of them. As you can adjust the height you can position it perfectly. Just finished a tenor banjo recording that I will send on to you. Glad to be home after the tour and thanks a million for your wonderful product. What a brilliant design. All the best for now."  Sean O'Driscoll

"Hi Doug, I received the ebony Thinline BanjoMate Armrest and installed it yesterday. The fit is very nice it looks like it belongs. It took about 5 minutes to put it on my S.S. Stewart. I hadno problems and really didn't need the instructions. This banjo has 28 hooks. The black color looks very nice as it blends with the ebony fingerboard. I toyed with the idea of getting the ivory color but I think the ebony works well. I have adjusted the armrest so that it sits right on top of the hooks. This gets my arm about 1/2" above the head. For my style of playing on this particular banjo, the added height help me sound the fifth string cleaner, minimizing the brush stroke sound of the thumb against the head. Also, since my forearm is no longer touching the head, the banjo sound is not dampened. I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for a great product." Andy - Birmingham, AL. USA

"Simple to install & remove, two brackets slide on armrest and adjust height. Put it on my Deering goodtime openback. Its the same color as the goodtime matches real well and comfortable." Dennis Skinner - Goshen, OH. USA

"I am very impressed with the Thinline Armrest. It fills a need for openback banjos that we have had for decades. Only the Vegas repro has been available and it is not suitable for every banjo. The black Thinline was very easy to fit to my Riley Baugus banjo although the Baugus is not standard in any way. The attachment system is brilliant...it takes a few minutes and fits solid as a rock. The height is perfect for clawhammer and the look of the black slim design is elegant and appropriate. Although the material is Corian, it matches the ebony peghead perfectly. I have always been leery of inventions and gadgets for traditional banjo, but this one is a home run. This is the best armrest for openback banjos I have seen in my 50 years of playing. AAA+++." Glenn Godsey - Tulsa, OK. USA

"This little armrest is very nice. It helps make my banjo so much more comfortable. First off, it was simple to install. Secondly, it is wider where your arm rests, so it does not dig into your arm. Third, it is adjustable as to height so I can push it down closer to the banjo rim. It appears to be well manufactured and has a fine finish." Troy Mayfield - Boise City, OK. USA

"Easy to install on my Enoch Tradesman. The ebony armrest looks like it was made for these banjos. Makes the Tradesman more comfortable to play. Highly recommended accessory." Bob Chase - Folsom, CA. USA

"Good solid construction, easy to install and comfortable. I got the Ivory armrest to complement the ivoroid buttons and calfskin head and I'm very happy with the look and feel of it."  Mark Bradley - Shellburne Falls, MA. USA

"Was having a bear of a time finding a armrest to fit my Lee Chalk Mountain Banjo, (14 brackets and 3-inch deep pot)...took a gamble, figuring I could add it to the growing collection, and wouldn't you know it fits! Love that it's adjustable for both hook spacing, simple design, easy to use."  Grant Kuchan - Chicago, IL. USA


"Thank you for a beautiful and very functional product. I'm only sorry I waited so long. I don't miss that cold armrest that made my wrist itch! I left the installation to a professional, but he said it went on easily." Debbie D. Bettendorf, IA

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